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What is the difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning?
Hot water extraction is commonly referred to as steam cleaning. This is a deep clean method using hot water (not steam). The carpet is pre-sprayed with cleaner and spots are treated. Hot water is then dispensed through the wand into the carpet and simultaneously the dirt, bacteria, and water are vacuumed out of the carpet. This method leaves carpet “dry to the touch” and generally takes 3.5 to 5 hours to dry completely.
Dry cleaning is a three part procedure involving a powdered solvent that is buffed into the carpet and then vacuumed out. There is no drying time as water is not used.

What should I do to prepare for my carpet and tile cleaning?
Carpeting should be vacuumed and free of debris.
Tile should be swept and free of debris.
Set aside a few towels for the technician to place on the floor as he cleans to ensure safety.
Remove all breakable and knick knack items from furniture that may be moved during the cleaning.
Remove all small furnishings such as waste baskets, paper racks, etc.
Remove drawers from heavier furniture you want to have moved.
Plan to keep traffic to a minimum on carpeted areas for the first 3-4 hours after cleaning.

What about the furniture in the room?
Most customers do not want large heavy pieces of furniture moved. Light moving of furniture is included. We define light as small end tables, coffee tables, or night stands. It is possible to move heavier furniture by removing drawers. If more furniture moving is required, additional fees will apply. Keep in mind, our trucks are manned by one technician.

Will all the stains come out?
Most marks will come out during the cleaning process. Some of the more difficult dye stains may need special treatment. Any success of removing these types of stains is often hindered by the application of home remedies prior to calling SOS. The technician will evaluate the stain and the type of fiber content of the carpet to determine possible solutions.

Are you bonded and insured?
Yes. SOS is bonded and insured.

Is the price really the price, I've had carpet cleaners quote a rate over the phone and then charge me extra for things I thought should be included?
We at SOS pride ourselves on having no hidden costs or gimmicks. We've been doing business in this area for 16 years and have great interest in developing lasting relationships with our customers. Deodorizer, Teflon protector, and grout sealer are additional products not included in the cleaning price.
These products are available and often recommended and are

How can you do an estimate over the phone without coming to my house to measure?
In most residential cases, we quote the price of cleaning according to the room rather than square footage. We have found through experience this is the best value for the customer. Although, if you would like an estimate, we are happy to come out and give an on site estimate.

Does SOS guarantee their work?
We guarantee next day. Even with the highest quality cleaning products, technicians, and equipment, sometimes there is a need for us to come back and fix a problem. We stand by our work and will do our best to rectify the issue. Again, we are interested in establishing relationship and becoming
your carpet cleaner of choice.

Your prices are lower than other companies. How do I know you will deliver quality service?
There is always a risk when trying a new company. We understand your concerns. Again, SOS has been in the business for 16 years. We have been successful at building our business on repeat customers by delivering quality service at an affordable price. Our reputation and ethics are at the foundation of our success. We concentrate on quality control and customer satisfaction. We realize the power of a happy customer to refer new customers and take that very seriously. Take a look at our customers reviews to build confidence in our services. We welcome a phone call to speak with us personally regarding your questions and concerns.

The high traffic areas of my carpet are quite dirty, will that come out?
The dirt can be removed but continual foot movement over the carpet damages the carpet fibers. This abrasion causes a difference in light reflection, giving the appearance of light soiling.

Grout questions:

My tile and grout cleaned up beautifully. Should I have a sealer applied?
Our sealer is designed to create a stain resistance. The objective is to create reaction time, where a stain can be held at surface level where it can be easily cleaned within a reasonable period of time before it is able to be absorbed into the porous surface.

Is it possible to clean the grout in my shower?
In some cases, yes, we can clean the grout in your shower but typical shower/tub grout joints contain non-sanded grout. This grout does not contain pores meaning the grout itself is stained rather than being discolored by dirt trapped in the pores of sanded grout. We are happy to do a test on your shower at no cost to determine your needs.

I have a broken tile in my shower, can you help?
In most cases, we can rescue those tiles without removing them and then perform the necessary grout repairs to make your shower look like new at a fraction of the cost.

Can I simply grout over the existing grout?
Grout adheres to the raw edge of the grout joint. The existing grout must be removed to prevent freshly applied grout from flaking or chipping.

How long will I be without my shower?
The re-grouting process will take 4-5 hours to complete. The grout and caulk will require approximately 24 hours to cure. This allows you to use your shower the next day.

What is grout color sealing?
Color sealing grout is the application of a grout colorant to completely enhance or change the color of your grout.

Why should I use a color sealant on my grout?
In some circumstances, your existing grout can be soiled to the point it will not clean well enough to be acceptable. Grout can also fade if exposed to excessive foot traffic or sunlight making it impossible to eliminate color variations in your grout. The application of grout colorant will revive your floor.

Can you make my grout lighter?
Yes, your existing grout can be re-colored to a lighter or darker shade of your existing grout or a different color altogether to match your changing décor.

Can you tell if my grout has already been color sealed?
The color sealing process will leave your grout looking brand new eliminating color variations. The grout colorant used is a penetrating stain leaving the grout in its natural state as it bonds to the silica in the grout joint. Some color sealants on the market are a topical stain that will cause your grout to look painted in its completed state.

Do I need to seal my grout lines after the color sealing procedure?
No, the grout colorant we use is a color sealant. We do recommend sealing your grout at least every two years, depending on the level of traffic over the tile.

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